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March 21, 2014

An update?

Weird, didn't realize I became so emo in the last few entries. Sorry bout that. My entries have been moved to

Note that "tumblr" omits the letter "e".

I'll probably reprint my entries here just so that I have a blog that can maintain mosts of my posts in one place.

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January 21, 2014

Friday the 13th.

anime sad photo: sad anime girl Sad.jpg

Having a very bad day today. I guess its good to have it all happen on one day.
. Car broke down
. Sandwich has an infection on his head
. Got a friend and her daughter staying at my place.
. My krush is going to Spain for a month - probably a sugar daddy.

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January 04, 2014

10 minutes of regret

Eggret - Jan 04 2014 photo eggret_zpsdfbae005.jpg

There's a bunch of meme's out that says "things you regret at age blah blah blah". Well, what if I'm not that blah blah blah age, than that doesn't pertain to me and I bet it doesn't even pertain to half the people on the internet. How about now, how about shit I regret now.

1. I regret letting my friend stayed over for 2 nights which means I didn't watch porn for 2 days. My pornication is a complicated process. I know it shouldn't be but it is. But it doesn't involve ropes in case you're wondering.

2. I just ate a 2000 calorie sandwich. It was good but now I'm done since doctors recommend only 1800 calories a day. At my age, probably only 600 since my metabolism is so damn slow. And now a friend is asking if I want to eat hot pot tonight.

3. Telling my crush that we could go somewhere. Consequently, instead of cleaning my kitchen, I went to take a shower and made myself look pretty good. Of course we didn't go out and now I've wasted time and effort looking good for cleaning the kitchen.

4. Buying this gray felt hat from Target. It looked good in their mirrors, not so good in real life. Why why why.

5. Putting "like" on someones face book comment regarding someones death. I never get that when someone posts something sad. Are you suppose to "like" or do I have to post some kind words. Shit, cry to me in person.

6. I regret walking around in my undies in case someone sticks their camera through the window and takes a photo. Its a weird paranoia but yet I'm too lazy to put on sweat pants.

7. I need new sweatpants. I've had these gray ones for over 20 years and the elastic on one one of the legs finally gave out. I should have gotten a new pair rather than a stupid hat.

8. There's a photo of 2 hookers on my desk. 2 hookers from China who mean nothing to me, why is it even there.

9. I regret looking at my instagram wondering if my crush posted anything. She did not and now I feel weak for having done so. I h8 myself.

10. My teeth hurt. I should brush my teeth.

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December 31, 2013

The Wolf of Wall Street - review

 photo MargotRobbie_zps5fc91424.jpg

The Wolf of Wall Street is about this ambitious guy who, through deceit and cunning, ascends quickly in the stock market with his friends, while gaining power and women but eventually gets derailed by drugs and his own ambition. Wait, didn't Martin Scorsese already do this movie. Oh, yea, it was called Good Fellas back in 1990 but instead of the mob, the setting is wall street. Whoop de doo. But isn't this based on a true story, well yea, it doesn't make it any better, its still the same damn story. But maybe his claim to fame amongst his teenage grandkids were Hugo - the 3d animated movie about a kid who lives in a clock, and so he got mad and said "whaaat, I make real films" so he got Leonard Decraprio and made the Wolf of Wall Street. Its a good movie to have in your Scorsese library and if you want to see Margot Robbie who looks like a playboy bunny but knows how to act , otherwise, pass.

Did I like this movie: No
What I learned: Eating a goldfish ain't that bad

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December 21, 2013

Anchorman 2, Her - review

 photo anchorman_zpscfea18aa.jpg

Will Farrell is to comedy what Tom Petty is to rock music is Pau Gasol is to basketball. They put out niiice stuff and will probably win a few awards here and there just based on the volume of crap they put out but are they really that awesome. Not really. But they all have their fans and as long as Farrell sticks with his college frat type humor, he'll always be good for a few laughs. Anchorman 2 starts off with Ron Burgundy getting the team back together again, to help start off a "24 hour" newscast cnn except its "gnn"! Yea, funny haha. Meanwhile, realizing their peoples are one dimensional characters, they give them a 2nd dimension which doesn't go very far whether its Brick Tamland finding love (with Kristen Wiig who at least get some cheese for wasting her talent in the film) or Brian Fantana as a successful cat photographer. But David Koechner as the chauvinistic sports anchor with subtle homosexual tendencies was pretty funny. There are funny bits but nothing ridiculously memorable. However, to put in context, I thought Wayne's World was the last really funny movie although I don't even own the dvd.

Did I like this movie: No
What I learned:No comedy should be 2 hours long

Not exactly an indie art movie but Spike Jonez does touch upon loneliness in a very touching and heartfelt way that is a slightly more mainstream technologically relatable than Lars and the Real Girl but hits the same marks. Taking place maybe 10 years in the future, Joaquin Phoenix is Theodore who writes letters for people reaching out to their loved ones. It must be a thriving business because we see 10 to 15 employees manning the same position. But he doesn't just pen them, he knows his clients, studies their life and types out beautiful words to convey what they feel. Conversely, Theodore is going through a divorce but can't find a way to sign the papers. He gets a new operating system (although they don't expound on weather they're specifically programmed to be your emotional partner or not) that has the voice of Scarlett Johanson. Yes, I would like that model please. But Jonez writing and Johanson's voice perfectly embraces the character as she herself explores and grows as an entity who returns Theodores affections. And what the hell is love, emotional, physical, both or do you need both? But lets put it this way, if your girl/guy seems too good for you, they probably are.

Did I like this movie: Yes
What I learned: People wear their pants high in the future.

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December 17, 2013

Dear Client

 photo RoyChoi_zps51a44178.jpg

Fuuuck. No porn, no sex, no real date, no fake date and no work but a lot of driving around. No Ice Cube, today was not a good day. Dear Mr. Pimp, I don't want to tell you how to do your job but you shouldn't send me out with a girl unless an appointment has been made. Like a specific appointment where you know the time, the room number and you don't need to make a 3 way call just to have the trick say, "I have company, can you wait a few hours". Also, Dear future girl friend, if you tell me you're coming over in 30 minutes, please don't wait 6 hours later to tell me your phone died and you're not. Neighbors be wondering why I keep checking my door bell. On the bright side, a friend of mine asked if I have the Roy Choi book, I think I'm getting that for Christmas!

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December 11, 2013

Christmas party 2013

 photo Xmasparty_zps435fc5bd.jpg

Holiday house parties are starting to come around but besides the festive decorations, the warm sweaters and rich eggnog, people need to start hiring DJ's - Not because I want some sweet tunes or have Santa Baby playing in the background while the obnoxious lush starts rubbing herself and singing misductively off key but they need to give directions. Look, every strip bar has a stage and people who sit up front need to either tip their dollars or get the hell out of the front row. Thats what the DJ says, "Gentlemen, if you're gonna sit up at stage, you need to tip!". And thats what the DJ at Christmas parties need to be doing. Basically, the food table is the dancing stage and I notice people just crowd around talking and just getting in the way. Dude, either you need to get food or leave. One or the other. Not stand there while I have to reach around you with my short arms grabbing some pretzels while looking like I'm playing the pitcher in the doggy style story of Joseph and Jesus. C'mon man, this is just awkward for everyone. And if there was a DJ, I wouldn't have this problem because he could just announce in his p.a., gotta tip or gotta leave. That's the rules man, that's the rules. And maybe spin "All I want for Christmas is you". That would be cool too.

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